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Our "Open Daily Cruise" has small dimensions but considerable space. It is distinguished by an innovative design that hides the outboard motor under the large sundeck. This gives it a unique style, superior to other boats of the same category. Double lateral access from the stern leads easily into the cockpit, with two comfortable seats meet for the pilot and the co-pilot and a practical and functional steering console.

In the front part is a sofa facing the prow that, in addition to increasing the seating, houses a useful minibar. The bow boasts an ideal sitting area that can be transformed into an additional sundeck.

This vessel was created for low outboard engines and to satisfy both experts who love to sail in style, and less experienced customers who can navigate with a 40 Hp engine without the constraint of a boat license.

Ideal for familiesgroups of friends, as a first vessel for young people learning about boating, or as a practical Tender Yacht, manageable and customizable in every detail.

Versatile in propulsions from the thermal version with a 40 hp engine that can be driven without a license, to higher displacement and power engines such as 80-100 hp, up to Hybrid or full electric solutions (in the process of development).